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How to Start a Pest Control Business

Planning to set up your own pest control business requires you to start somewhere. You will need to gather a series of things to learn for your company to reach the peak of success. Here are some tips.

  • Find out what kind of service will work for you. To start this, you should study the area of your business. How is the pest problem there? Is it prevalent? Are people going to buy Green River UT pest control more often? For instance, residents in Florida have a huge problem with ants. They have fire ants, sugar ants, and these pests get inside their houses when it is raining. Thus, pest control businesses will work in the state. If your town or city has a lot of wood-framed homes, then you may go for termite control as part of your services. It is also important to be mindful of the weather. The type of pests changes as the weather does. It is best to add specific services that will fit the weather in your area.
  • Branding is necessary. You need to establish a good company identity that will be easy for potential customers to recognize you. This includes your logo, the name of your Green River UT pest control business, the colors, and even your tagline. To promote your brand in a larger scope, a company website will help. You may consider KDG, an established company that can work on it. We offer services that can make your website look professional and attractive. You may also consult us about the best practices that can keep your website on top of every search.
  • As a newbie in the industry, you should establish your value proposition. Think about how you can stand out among many competitors. In order to find your value proposition, you need to determine how your business can give solutions to pest control problems. You should also be able to give benefits to your customers, and offer unique services that will make them see that you are different from other pest control companies. In short, know what they want and offer it to them. 

Tips to Prepare for Exterminator Near Me

Rats are one of the most hideous and dangerous pests. They damage your property and can spread disease to pets and your family. To prevent such scenario, you might look for Exterminator near me to solve the issue. When you have already set a schedule from Exterminators Now, you can start preparing your premises to ensure a safe and successful rat extermination job. Here are some tips:

Secure all your food articles especially those that are not canned, jar or refrigerator. Keep them stored away for at least two weeks before and after the session. Pet food should also be kept safe. Rat extermination may involve strong chemicals that may also harm pets and humans if ingested accidentally. 

Check any holes or small openings on your walls or property. Rats can get through holes as tiny as ½ inch in diameter and start to breed rapidly. If you are renting a property, inform the owner or property custodian right away to provide solutions on the openings. 

To prepare for Exterminator near me, remove items paced on top and below the refrigerator including those below the kitchen sink and cupboards to allow free access to these areas.

Before the session starts, inform the technician of the critical areas where these rats inhabit or are frequently seen. Provide all the necessary information such as the usual routes of rats and where the holes are in the area. Make sure that you hire a licensed pest exterminator to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

If the technician placed baits or traps around the area, do not touch these during or after the service. You should also inform your household about these traps. Watch your kids and pets to prevent them from disturbing the traps. Trapping device can also be injurious so keep your eye on tiny tots and your furry pets.

After the session from the Exterminator near me, regularly clean and vacuum your premises on a regular basis.  Dispose your garbage properly and keep biodegradable items such as food leftover in a covered bin. Clean food spills especially in the kitchen and dining area to keep pests away for the longest time. 

4 Tips In Choosing Technicians For Bugs Control

Pests and insects such as flea can be irritating and hazardous to your family and pets. These bugs can cause rashes, irritated skin and even sleepless nights which will also affect your peace of mind. To resolve your issue, call us at Exterminators Now for a high quality service at an affordable price. There are a number of service providers in your area but if you want to hire a qualified contractor, conduct a good research and your research should start with us. Here are some ideas to help you find a reliable technician. 

Technician’s qualifications  

Pest controllers or technicians have their own specialization. Find out if the technician that you intend to hire has your required expertise. Check from your local pesticide regulatory office to determine the validity of the information given to you by the pest controller. Another point to consider is the service provider’s pest control and management methods.Find out if they are safe and within the approved standards. You might also want to check if the technician has liability insurance.

Years of experience

A reliable technician for bugs control has been in the industry for a good number of years. At Exterminators Now, we guarantee that we only send out the best in the industry with expertise from experience. To be sure, ask how long the pest controller has been working in the industry including the type of projects that he has handled.

Ask for referrals 

If you have friends or neighbors who had pest control service recently, ask them if they can recommend a good pest control company. Do not merely rely on ads. Get feedback from actual customers and find out if they were happy with the service. Check from the Better Business Bureau for the company’s rating.

Exceptional customer service

To find out how good our customer service is, call our hotline number and speak with our customer service representative. This will give you an idea on how professional we are in terms of handling our current and potential customers. We only provide accurate information including suggestions on how you can spend less on your problems with bugs and other related services.  

Exterminators Now – Knowing the Signs of Rat Infestation

Is that a rat scampering in the kitchen? If you saw the rat during the day, call Exterminators Now because it is very likely that there is an infestation since rodents are generally nocturnal. Getting rid of rodents is best left to professional Exterminators Now that is trained and equipped with eco-friendly tools to get rid of the one most dreaded pests in residential and commercial properties. 

It makes sense to allow Exterminators Now to handle pest control because a severe rat infestation increases the risks of disease transmission through their urine, droppings and bite. Rats can also damage whatever belongings have been stored in the attic or basement. Besides that, the presence of rats in a home or business can be very stressing and frustrating. 

The rat you saw in the dumpster may be the same rat you saw scurrying in the back of the food storage. Even if rats are quite large, they are very quick and adept at avoiding detection. They breed frequently to increase their population. ExterminatorsNow has the essential skills to deal with rats including other pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, termites and many more. 

How will you recognize whether the droppings on the floor came from rats or cockroaches? The droppings of rats are usually black. The blacker the color of the droppings, the fresher they are. Old rat droppings are usually gray and have dried out. Color of droppings will tell you whether it is an old infestation or a new one that you have to worry about. 

There are different sizes of droppings depending on the size of the rat that left the droppings and its age. If several droppings are found in a single place, it is very likely that they were left by mature rats. If the droppings are smaller than a piece of rice, they are likely the droppings of small mice or cockroaches. 

A typical mouse can leave as much as 70 to 150 droppings on a single day while rats leave about 35 to 50 droppings. By looking at the quantity of droppings, professional exterminators can determine whether your property is infested by rats. 

When to Set a Schedule with Exterminators Now

The moment you see signs of pest infiltration around your property or office perimeters, call us right away at Exterminators Now for a scheduled visit so we would know exactly how we can help you. However, the decision to call us rests on your hands. On our part, we would like to help you immediately to save your property, minimize the damage and also to lower your expenses.  Here is an idea: Although right away is the best time to call us, there are more suitable time to schedule an inspection with us. Take a look at the ideas below. 

Rainy season

Some pests and insects, such as mosquitos are seasonal. They breed faster during rainy or spring season, on water collected in containers or in roof canals. Ants, on the other hand, are also displaced during wet season so they would build hills in dry areas such as in your home, tool shed, garage or stock room. We can solve this by fumigating the area to kill the mosquitoes and their larvae. 

Health hazard

There are some pests that are not visible, such as fleas and bed bugs. You will know that they are sharing space with you and your family when you experience itching or when you see bug bites and rashes on your skin. The droppings of rodents and cockroaches are also extremely dangerous, more so if accidentally swallowed. The fur of rodents when inhaled can cause respiratory problems. Set a schedule with us at Exterminators Now to prevent the start and spread of disease within your office or property.


We guarantee the use of safe and eco-friendly solutions. However, there are those who are sensitive to fumes and even the mildest solutions so it would be best to schedule the extermination on a weekday when most of the household are out working or in school.    


At Exterminators Now, one of our guarantees is you will not spend your savings on us. However, you would still spend some money and allocate budget for our services. You can ask for cost estimates from us to determine how much you are going to spend for the service or you can visit our website for more ideas. We offer obligation-free inspection to our valued customers.